Policy Action Coalition

About the PAC

The Policy Action Coalition (PAC) to Repurpose and Reinvest Public Support for Food and Agriculture is comprised of committed country members, knowledge and implementation partners. It is supported by the PAC Coordinator, Ann Tutwiler, and the JRT Secretariat, housed at Meridian Institute.  The PAC works with participating stakeholders to:

that fosters dialogue between government policy makers looking to reform agri-food support systems and enables them to access a broad network of knowledge and implementation experts

of policy briefs, case studies, and toolkits to help decision-makers access information to make the case for action, design policy approaches and support implementation

to support an inclusive engagement process, building support with key constituencies to enable governments to move forward with policy reform

of opportunities for agri-food systems policy reform and leverage key international meetings and processes to make progress on this agenda


  • Republic of Colombia  
  • Edo State Government, Nigeria  
  • Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 
  • Republic of Malawi 
  • Republic of Ghana 
  • Switzerland 
  • Togolese Republic   
  • United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 

 Knowledge and implementation partners 

  • Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) 
  • Association of International Agricultural Research and Development Centres 
  • CGIAR 
  • Chatham House 
  • Chinese Agricultural University 
  • EAT Foundation  
  • Food Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network  
  • Food and Land Use Coalition  
  • Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition  
  • Global Resilience Partnership  
  • International Fund for Agricultural Development   
  • Southern African Confederation of Farmers Unions   
  • UN Food and Agriculture Organization  
  • World Economic Forum  
  • World Bank  
  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development  
  • World Resources Institute  
  • World Farmers Organisation 
  • World Trade Organization  
  • WWF International   

Visit the PAC Resources page for more information.  To learn more about this work and find out how to get involved, please contact: pac@merid.org.