A Just Rural Transition

About Us

Providing nutritious food for a growing global population while protecting the vital natural systems which sustain life is one of this decade’s most critical challenges. Rural communities and key ecosystems are under growing stress from climate change. Farming, fishing, livestock-keeping and indigenous communities need support to scale solutions that strengthen their resilience, reward their environmental stewardship, and ensure all people have access to sustainable, healthy and affordable food.

The Just Rural Transition (JRT) initiative brings together diverse stakeholders – including governments, farmers organisations, food companies, investors, researchers and civil society. It is a “community of practice” whose participants are committed to play their role in achieving the JRT’s 2030 vision.

By fostering new partnerships, developing knowledge and tools, and facilitating dialogue between key stakeholders, the JRT aims to transform the way in which we produce and consume food, halting the rapid degradation of nature and accelerating delivery of global climate and Sustainable Development Goals.

Vision and Endorsers

A wide range of countries and organizations endorse the work and vision of the JRT: transforming the way we produce and consume food to be healthier, more sustainable, and more equitable.

2030 Vision Statement

The JRT was launched at the UN Climate Action Summit in 2019. Over the next ten years, we are committed to creating food systems that are resilient and sustainable, providing nutritious, affordable food for all people while protecting vital ecosystems and enhancing rural livelihoods. The JRT brings people together to co-create solutions to one of this decade’s most critical challenges.

JRT Vision Statement

Endorsements and Statements of Support

Over 50 entities have endorsed the JRT 2030 Vision statement to date and joined a growing community of purpose of governments, food and agriculture value chains, knowledge and implementation partners, stakeholder associations, and financial entities. Governments and other relevant entities who wish to get involved are warmly encouraged to contact the JRT Secretariat and submit an application here.

See below for our current list of endorsers and their statements of support.

Endorsers and Statements of Support

Policy Action Coalition

The Policy Action Coalition (PAC) to Repurpose and Reinvest Public Support for Food and Agriculture brings together countries committed to repurposing and reinvesting agri-food support and policies with key knowledge and implementation partners.

Investment Partnership Network

The Investment Partnership Network (IPN) will work with partners to mobilise capital for responsible, sustainable investment in agri-food systems at the landscape-level and in key agricultural supply chains.

JRT Secretariat

The Just Rural Transition Secretariat is housed within Meridian Institute, a mission-driven nonprofit organization that builds understanding, guides collaboration, and drives action to address our world’s complex challenges.


We are grateful for the support of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) for seed-funding the Just Rural Transition. We also recognise and welcome the valuable in-kind contributions of members of the JRT community. To discuss opportunities to support our work, please contact jrt@merid.org.