A Just Rural Transition

Who We Are

The Just Rural Transition puts people at the centre of global efforts to transform food and land use systems to meet climate, biodiversity, and sustainable development goals.

We foster a community of purpose of public and private sector stakeholders designing, implementing, and scaling integrated and inclusive approaches that contribute to the objectives of the JRT Vision Statement– through their own commitments and by forging new partnerships.

The Challenge

While more food is being produced today than ever before, food systems are failing to deliver for people, nature and climate.

  • Two billion people lack access to sufficient, nutritious food.
  • Agriculture workers and their families make up two thirds of the 740 million people facing extreme poverty.
  • Over a billion tonnes of food is wasted each year.
  • Rural and indigenous communities, food production and key ecosystems are under growing stress from climate change.

Providing nutritious food to a growing global population while protecting vital natural systems which sustain life is a key challenge of this decade.

The Opportunity

The Just Rural Transition promotes solutions that recognise and reward people for the actions they take to protect the environment and promote access to healthy, safe, and nutritious food.

Food producers are at the heart of our food systems. They play an essential role in shaping solutions to scale up sustainable agriculture and a just rural transition that enhances resilient livelihoods and rural communities.

Launched at the 2019 UN Climate Action Summit, the JRT aims to transform food and land use systems by:

  • Building an action-oriented evidence base
  • Mobilising stakeholders and catalyse partnerships
  • Strengthening collective purpose

Vision and Endorsers

A wide range of countries and organizations endorse the work and vision of the JRT: transforming the way we produce and consume food to be healthier, more sustainable, and more equitable.

2030 Vision Statement

The JRT Vision Statement was launched at the UN Climate Action Summit in 2019, endorsed by over 60 governments, knowledge and implementation partners, stakeholder associations, private sector and financial entities. It sets out the vision, objectives and principles to transform the way in which we produce and consume food to promote better outcomes for people, climate, and nature.

The JRT Vision Statement remains open for endorsement by governments and other key stakeholders as a way of supporting the COP26 Nature Campaign focus on Sustainable Agriculture and a Just Rural Transition. Endorsers will join the growing JRT community of purpose to promote learning, build momentum, and forge new partnerships to accelerate just rural transitions around the world.

To get involved, please submit an application here or contact the JRT Secretariat for more information.

JRT Vision Statement

Endorsements and Statements of Support

Over 60 entities have endorsed the JRT 2030 Vision statement to date and joined a growing community of purpose of governments, food and agriculture value chains, knowledge and implementation partners, stakeholder associations, and financial entities. Governments and other relevant entities who wish to get involved are warmly encouraged to contact the JRT Secretariat and submit an application here.

See below for our current list of endorsers and their statements of support.

Endorsers and Statements of Support

International Engagement

The JRT helps forge a common vision and collective leadership. We engage leaders at national, regional, and international levels to increase awareness and accelerate action by a broad range of stakeholders.

The JRT will highlight sustainable agriculture and the principles of a just transition within the United Kingdom’s COP26 Presidency, as a key focus of its 2021 Nature Campaign, as well as through the UN Food Systems Summit (FSS).

Policy Action

Public Funding for Public Goods

Investment Partnerships

Accelerated Investment and Mobilised Finance


Improved Awareness, Knowledge, and Communication


We are grateful for the support of our funder(s), the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), and ClimateWorks Foundation. We also recognise and welcome the valuable in-kind contributions of members of the JRT community. To discuss opportunities to support our work, please contact jrt@merid.org.