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Global Policy Dialogue for Sustainable Agriculture: 2023 Compendium


Policy Repurposing

Global Policy Dialogue for Sustainable Agriculture


The world faces unprecedented challenges to our global food system, as climate and nature crises undermine food security, nutrition and prosperity. We must confront these challenges with bold resolve. COP28 provides a milestone moment to catalyse a food systems transformation that delivers for healthy diets and economies and a liveable planet.

This task is ever more urgent. In 2022, more than more than 3 billion people could not afford a healthy diet. Food producers are increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation, which undermine productivity and wipe out production when disaster strikes. At the same time, food systems themselves are the second largest source of climate emissions after energy (causing one third of greenhouse gas emissions) and are the main driver of biodiversity loss and freshwater contamination. The challenge grows as demand for food and other agricultural commodities continues to rise and the impacts of climate change intensify.

Government policies are key to shaping investment in agriculture. Yet current policies and public support are often inefficient and can inadvertently drive harmful practices such as deforestation, land and water degradation and high rates of greenhouse gas emissions, driving nature loss and climate change and undermining food and economic security.

These are complex issues, but there are solutions. Growing evidence suggests the right mix of policies and interventions can strengthen food security, nutrition and economies, address climate change and protect nature. A transition to clean, green, sustainable agriculture globally could contribute to healthy diets and protect the planet, with a potential USD 4.3 trillion economic gain by 2040.

Launched by the United Kingdom and the World Bank in January 2021, the global Policy Dialogue for Sustainable Agriculture is building momentum on policy reforms for sustainable agriculture and food systems. The Policy Dialogue provides a forum to share experiences and learning, facilitate partnerships and build global ambition on reforms. Over 45 countries from the Global North and Global South have participated in the Policy Dialogue to date.

We are now delighted to share updates from the Policy Dialogue 2023 series, including: a Chairs’ Summary of Discussions; a set of briefing notes on “Policy Pathways to Sustainable Agriculture”, based on experiences shared; and a set of country case studies of “Policy in Action”, endorsed by participating countries.

These findings are intended as a contribution to support and further mobilize the urgent action we need on food systems transformation, including to deliver commitments under the Emirates Declaration on Sustainable Agriculture, Resilient Food Systems and Climate Action.

We trust you will find this a useful resource and urge you to join us in continuing collaboration to deliver the just transition we need.

Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP, Minister for Development and Africa, United Kingdom and Juergen Voegele, Vice President for Sustainable Development Practice Group, World Bank