COP26 Nature Campaign

Agricultural Innovation Systems

transforming agricultural innovation for people, nature, and climate

The Opportunity.

Foster a step change in the scale and pace of agricultural innovation to meet future demand for food, to tackle climate change and, protect biodiversity and the environment.

The Approach.

A more resilient food future requires increases and transformations in agricultural R&D to deliver benefits for people, nature and climate. Addressing fragmentation among research institutions and donors will further foster the high return on investment of agricultural R&D. Refocusing stakeholders towards coordinated, demand driven agricultural R&D is essential to bring efforts to scale.

The Outcomes.

Realign investment in agriculture R&D with climate-resilient food systems; develop innovative solutions that meet demands; build evidence on what works; and foster partnerships to bring technology to scale.

How to get involved.

Stakeholders are invited to make contributions and pledges to transform agricultural innovation through financial, material, technical assistance, and partnerships such as One CGIAR, Mission Innovation. For more information, visit: