COP26 Nature Campaign

Policy Action

accelerate transition to climate resilient, sustainable agriculture through repurposing policies and support

The Opportunity.

Transition at scale from environmentally harmful practices to resilient, sustainable agriculture requires a shift in incentives and in public support. Governments provide well over $700 billion a year in public support to their agriculture sectors: this could be repurposed to better support resilient livelihoods, sustainable production practices, and reduced GHG emissions.


The Approach.

Through peer-to-peer exchange, knowledge sharing and inclusive dialogues with governments, farmers, knowledge partners and businesses, accelerate momentum for a just transition to sustainable agriculture through repurposing public policies and support.

How to get involved.

For Governments, Food Producer Organisations, Civil Society, Implementation Partners and other actors, please contact

To submit your experience, evidence, case studies and tools to support policy action to repurpose public support to agriculture, please contact pac@merid.orgĀ