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Providing nutritious food to a growing global population while protecting the vital natural systems and resources that sustain life is a key challenge of this decade. The Just Rural Transition (JRT) initiative was launched at the 2019 United Nations Climate Action Summit to collaborate and promote action to repurpose agricultural policies and scale finance to combat climate change, improve water and soil quality, and enhance nutrition.

We believe food producers and rural communities are at the heart of solutions to meet the growing risks from climate, environment and changing market dynamics.  Working with the World Farmers’ Organization, we want to help make sure that farmers’ voices are heard in international meetings on food systems, climate, biodiversity, desertification and other key issues.

The Just Rural Transition and the WFO want to hear from you about how governments can repurpose food and agricultural support to achieve better outcomes on climate, the environment, nutrition and livelihoods.

This survey will take around 20 minutes to complete, and focuses on identifying:

  • Examples of effective and ineffective forms of public support for agriculture and investments aimed at helping food producers secure their livelihoods, act as stewards of nature, and engage in climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Perspectives on the potential for redirecting agricultural support policies and investments in your region to better support these outcomes.
  • Opportunities for food producers and those who work closely with them to more actively participate in ‘repurposing’ processes going forward.

The feedback from this survey will be synthesized and provided as input into policy dialogues and other international events in 2021, including the UN Food Systems Summit and UN Climate Change Convention (COP26). Hearing your perspectives is important to help amplify the voices of food producers and those who work closely with them.

Please CLICK HERE to take the survey. Please inform Tannera George if you:

  • Prefer to arrange a conversation instead of taking the survey;
  • Require another language option to take the survey; and/or
  • Have any questions or challenges accessing the survey.

The JRT Initiative team sincerely thanks you for taking time to provide this critical feedback.

Do you grow crops, catch fish, raise livestock, or engage in other types of food production?

Do you work for an organisation that supports others to produce healthy, sustainable food, improve incomes and create a thriving rural economy?

THE JUST RURAL TRANSITION WANTS TO HEAR YOUR PERSPECTIVES on the policy and finance issues affecting the livelihoods of food producers.