COP26 Nature Campaign

Investment Partnerships

finance reaching rural communities at the scale required

The Opportunity.

The investment needs in transforming our food and land use systems are estimated at  $300-$350 billion a year until 2030. Yet these investments must empower the rural communities at the heart of our food systems in order to be resilient and sustainable. Scaling investment in people-centered food systems can enhance the livelihoods of rural communities, ensure healthy and nutritious food for a growing population, and protect the vital natural systems which sustain life.

The Approach.

Shift the narrative by exploring and communicating the business case for investing in people-centered food systems; develop knowledge products and tools to support investors and other key partners in decision-making; and catalyse investment partnerships that scale sustainable agriculture production while improving livelihoods of farmers.

How to get involved.

Public and private sector investors are encouraged to support the Just Rural Transition. For further information please contact the JRT’s Investment Partnership Network, which is housed at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development: