COP26 Nature Campaign

Sustainable Agriculture and a Just Rural Transition

We must reset our relationship with nature. The COP26 Nature Campaign aims to catalyse this transition. Providing nutritious food for a growing global population while protecting the vital natural systems which sustain life is one of this century’s most critical challenges.

Key Objectives

to nature-based solutions for climate change, included in national plans

launched at UNGA (led by UK, EU, Costa Rica)

towards sustainable agriculture, land use, and food systems

to deliver better benefits for people, nature, and climate

for nature-based solutions and nature positive investments

to agree actions to reduce deforestation in supply chains

Key Enablers

This strand of the Nature Campaign aims to catalyse momentum for a just transition to Sustainable Agriculture. Building on the Just Rural Transition (JRT) initiative, it will highlight the positive contributions of food producers in the transition of food and land use systems to support climate, biodiversity, nutrition and food security outcomes. The campaign is structured around three key ‘enablers’ to scale support to food producers and accelerate the transition:

Policy Action

accelerate transition to climate resilient, sustainable agriculture through repurposing policies and support

Agricultural Innovation

fostering a step change in scale and pace of agricultural innovation, demand-driven agriculture technology, knowledge and evidence

Investment Partnerships

advancing innovative public-private partnerships and mobilising investment into sustainable approaches

A Community of Purpose to support inclusive, integrated approaches

The JRT initiative is supporting the COP26 Presidency undertake consultations with a diverse range of stakeholders to contribute to the objectives of the Nature Campaign’s support for Sustainable Agriculture and a Just Rural Transition. The JRT supports peer-to-peer learning, connecting policy makers and enabling them to share knowledge around policy reform, access scientific evidence, policy briefings and case studies. Its knowledge hub creates a platform to disseminate and share evidence and case studies. To learn more about how we are supporting the COP26 Nature Campaign, please contact: .